Tuesday, December 7

Home Reserve-ations

So, we are thinking about a new couch. We are looking at the possibility of a small sectional to maximize the space we have. As we researched, going to furniture stores and shopping online, we came across Home Reserve. Everything looks good - maybe too good. The boxes come UPS and we're always up for a DIY (obviously), we can take the fabric off and throw it in the washing machine if (and when, I'm certain) we need to. There is storage under every seat. Also on the plus side, we can get the size sofa/sectional we need without spending a HUGE amount of money. On the down side, it's kind of hard ordering furniture sight unseen. So that is the BIG downside. Does anyone know anything about this company?

We put our old couch up for sale on Craigslist, deciding that we would replace it if it sold...and we got a call today that looks like a done deal. So, I ordered a few swatches today, and if we like the fabric, maybe we will order a chair or a chair and a half just to give it a shot. It's a hard call, though.

So has anyone ever heard of this company? Purchased anything? Sat on a couch from here? Help!


Shelley said...

I haven't heard of this company but sounds intriguing.
We ordered leather chairs for work from Target online once they were a good price and delivered right to the office. They look great but the backs are way back so we bought a throw pillow to make them more comfortable.
I would email this company and ask if these covering are machine washable and not dry clean only. Dry cleaning is expensive.

Anonymous said...

I have an HR sectional I bought for the new "Media" room. With the money I saved on the sectional I was able to afford a 55" LCD tv from Sam's club.

Washable fabric is great because my teenage boys spend much of their time snacking while playing their favorite X-Box games.

The 30 day warranty convinced me to take the risk. This furniture is not conventual but it is perfect for my family.

Mary Ann said...

Interesting! I've never heard of this company but I would love to replace our loveseat (which is lovely & was given to us but is the wrong color & too small) but I hate to spend a ton of money. I'm going to check out their site today!
If you decide to do it, let us know all about it! :-)

Autum said...

I drooled over their stuff a while ago. Never sat on it, but it looks really cool. If you get one, I may have to come over and sit on it.